San Bernardino Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

A collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian is no contest at all. Without seat belts, airbags or even a steel frame to protect them, pedestrians can be wrongfully killed or very seriously injured in an accident with a car or truck. California law gives pedestrians the right of way in most situations, but too often, drivers don’t yield it. The result can be death, multiple broken bones, head injuries, spinal damage or other serious injuries. In addition to being physically and emotionally painful, these injuries can be extremely expensive to treat, devastating an ordinary family’s finances.

Pedestrians have a legal obligation to take reasonable care for their own safety. But California law requires drivers to yield the right-of-way and take special care around pedestrians, especially children and the disabled. Unfortunately, impatience and the long commutes common in the Inland Empire mean drivers aren’t always paying attention. Our San Bernardino pedestrian accident lawyers have reviewed cases of pedestrians hit by drivers talking on the phone, speeding, blasting through crosswalks without looking or even driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These moments of inattention rarely injure the drivers, but they can be catastrophic for pedestrians unlucky enough to be nearby.

Even though victims of pedestrian accidents were hurt outside of a car, they should still be able to claim compensation for their injuries through the insurance of the at-fault driver. Even in cases of an irresponsible uninsured driver or a hit-and-run, victims covered by their own auto insurance or that of a family member should still be able to claim compensation under that insurance policy. However, this is not always easy. Because insurance companies don’t like to pay expensive claims, they sometimes use the fact that victims were on foot to deny part or all of their claims. An experienced pedestrian accident attorney can stop insurance company delaying and denying tactics and get victims the compensation they have already paid for through years of premiums.

Over more than two decades of practicing law, our firm has helped more than 25,000 clients in Southern California hold dangerous drivers responsible for their actions. We have a strong record of success recovering substantial payments for our clients -- money they need to pay their medical bills, support their families and be compensated for a serious injury. We have a policy of aggressive negotiation with insurance companies, a policy we’re proud to say has resulted in settling more than 90% of cases before trial. But if we do have to go to court, you can rest assured that we will litigate your case as completely and aggressively as necessary, to get you the compensation you are legally entitled to.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a pedestrian accident caused by a careless driver, our law firm can help. To learn more at a free, confidential consultation, please contact us online or call 1-800-753-6997. For those injured outside of San Bernardino, we have pedestrian accident lawyers in Los Angeles, accident lawyers in Riverside, injury attorneys in Orange County and Las Vegas pedestrian injury lawyers to help you.