San Bernardino Premises Liability Attorney

Under California law, owners and occupants of properties have a duty to remove any foreseeable safety hazards. That includes all properties that are open to the public -- stores, restaurants, workplaces and even sidewalks -- as well as private homes with invited guests. Unfortunately, not all property owners take reasonable care with their properties, and the result can be a serious injury. Slipping and falling on a wet floor might sound like a minor accident, or even laughable, but it can leave victims with head or neck injuries or stuck in a wheelchair for months.

Not all accidents are foreseeable, of course, and visitors to a property still have an obligation to take reasonable care for their own safety. However, if property owners know about a problem, or reasonably should know, and fail to correct it or post a warning sign, they can be held legally liable for the results by a San Bernardino premises liability lawyer. Accidents can happen on other people’s property for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Spills and wet floors
  • Uneven floor surfaces or debris, often due to construction
  • Stairways and ramps with defects or without handrails
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Poorly secured flooring or doormats
  • An “attractive nuisance,” such as an old refrigerator
  • Inadequate measures to keep small children away from swimming pools
  • Attacks from dogs or other domestic animals

Even though a crime is not quite an accident, California premises liability law also applies to some situations involving violent crime. Under a legal theory called negligent security or inadequate security, owners of properties where violence is reasonably foreseeable have a legal obligation to make sure their security measures are adequate. This might apply at a business selling a high-value item such as jewelry, or at an apartment building in an area that has recently seen a series of violent crimes. Depending on the circumstances, providing adequate security could mean anything from fixing a broken gate to hiring extra guards.

In inadequate security cases, injuries can be very serious, up to and including wrongful death. In premises liability cases, victims of slip and fall accidents can also sustain serious injuries, including head injuries, neck injuries and broken bones. The San Bernardino premises liability lawyers at our firm can help victims of these serious injuries hold the responsible parties legally liable for the results. In a lawsuit, victims can win money for their medical bills; income lost while they cannot work; and compensation for a serious injury, physical pain and emotional suffering. Our firm has more than 25 years of experience in these catastrophic personal injury cases, and we’re proud to say that we’ve helped more than 25,000 people throughout California, including Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County, and even in Las Vegas. Our goal is always to get our clients the fullest possible compensation for their injuries.

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